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What is it about?

Designing a team workshop from scratch can take hours, if not days. Imagine having a one-stop resource where you can find fully created workshops complete with instructions, slides, tools and everything you need to create and run high impact meetings, workshops and events.  

Looking for new ideas? WorkshopBank has a wealth of resources that are ready-to-use and proven to raise team performance and get excellent results.

With the free option, WorkshopBank provides branded tools & activities that you can use to help you create and run high impact meetings, events and workshops.

With a WorkshopBank paid membership you receive premium support with unbranded materials fully prepared for you. Their in-house experts are available to listen to the challenges you are working on, guide you to suitable activities, and show you how to apply the strategies, ideas and tools in your unique context. These virtual workshop and program design meetings are included in your membership at no extra charge.

From Team Activities for 20 people or less, Group Activities for 20-50 people and Conference Activities for upwards of 50 people – ranging from short and snappy to a couple of hours long – this is one resource you cannot do without!

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