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Our concern is for the sustainability of our earth for the next generations, our children and grandchildren and yours. If we do not take broad-based systemic action now, the lives and wellbeing of these generations are at great risk.

They will look into our eyes and ask us what we did to mitigate the risk for them – or they may ask us how we contributed towards their challenged existence.

The Sustainability Policy of Teams & Beyond is evolving, as we continually look for and implement more ways we can change and adapt our own beliefs and actions, and consider how we can help progress meaningful consciousness around the issues of systemic sustainability in the interfaces between the people, companies and communities with whom we engage.


Our world is at a tipping point, and the Climate Crisis with its alarming, imminent impact on the future of humanity exists within the contexts of other serious issues, including Social Crises, Economic Crises and Geo-Political Crises.

At the crux of all of these appears to be a serious Leadership Crisis, which relates as much to how we take leadership ourselves as to how we engage with those empowered to lead on a broader basis.

If we individually and collectively step up to take courageous responsibility for changing our actions, we can create the change the world needs now.

At an individual level, doing the right thing rather than the convenient thing, recognizing that the actions of each person do have a big impact, and being conscious of our choices, in small ways we can create big shifts.

At a collective/business level, if our focus is on building shared prosperity through doing good work, integrating our work and businesses as part of a circular economy where each part contributes to a better world, and being conscious of the impact of the impact of our decisions and actions, we have the potential to create massive, exponential change.

At any level, acknowledging that our future survival rests in the ‘more-than-human’ world – the environment, nature, species, and the sentience of life itself – understanding that this world is our primary stakeholder and the future of humanity will be determined by how we treat it now, is crucial. The planet will survive. The existence of our children, and the future of their children depends on our choices now.   

Our Pledge

At a company level – our work:

We uphold our Guiding Principles and values by:
  • Aligning with the principles of B-Corporations, a global movement of people and companies of all sizes using business as a force for good. We are on the journey to being accredited as a B-Corp company.
  • Working with Expert Contributors, Subscribed Members, and other partners who like us, are committed to becoming better global citizens, lightening their footprint on the world, ensuring their businesses balance purpose and profit, support the principles of equality, make a positive social contribution and are environmentally sustainable.
  • Through our engagements endeavouring to eliminate prejudice and bias, in order to contribute towards an inclusive and vibrant economy.
  • Committing our business to sound ethical practice and adherence to the principles of good corporate governance.
  • Working systemically in partnership with our stakeholders (known and unknown), considering their purpose and their future with current and future needs, and in these contexts, the value to be co-created in order for all to thrive.
  • Providing pro-bono services to NPOs and charities who focus their resources towards their work in assisting, uplifting and improving the lives and futures of people, animals, nature and the environment. There is little or nothing to spare for the necessary support, assistance and development they need to be at their most effective.

At a company level – our practices:

We are improving our business practices by:
  • Being active members of the international Climate Coaching Alliance, subscribing to the principles of membership and participating in activities and initiatives.
  • Planning, designing and developing digital learning experiences which are scalable, cost-effective and time-efficient, to reach, impact and positively influence as many people as possible, across a broad cross-section of society.
We are improving our purchasing, recycling and waste management practices by:
  • As far as possible ensuring the procurement of our supplies and catering complies with ethical guidelines, including the sourcing of ethically produced food and products, support of local small businesses, and eliminating waste by ensuring complete utilization.
  • Doing our best to avoid products packaged in single-use plastic, use re-usable and compostable carrier bags, and are mindful of selecting sustainable options wherever possible.
  • Reducing our paper usage by providing slides, files, papers and articles electronically. Our clients have access to confidential web-based areas and platforms for engagement and access to information.
  • Recycling paper, cardboard, plastics, glass, tins, computer and electronic consumables, etc. through local initiatives that contribute towards community-based projects whilst simultaneously caring for the environment.
We are improving our energy management practices by:
  • Ensuring all lights are turned off at the end of the working day
  • Utilising green energy solutions for heating and cooling, and only when absolutely necessary.

At an individual level:

  • Being conscious of the effect of our actions
  • Doing our best to live in an ethical, compassionate and conscious way
  • Being mindful of how we engage with others and our world; how we influence our families and personal networks and develop our children; how we can improve our environmental footprints; and how we notice the small things we can do to improve the lives of others.