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Supervision & Mentoring

Individual and Group Supervision and Mentorship for team coaches and consultants from specifically qualified team coaching supervisors.

Even with professional team coach or OD training, the coaches and consultants working with teams through the systemic complexity of business today will often find themselves overwhelmed by the challenging and often ‘messy’ situations they encounter in their work.
The most competent professionals consider supervision an essential part of their ongoing effectiveness and development, and when working with teams, this is particularly crucial. The problem is, around the world it is difficult to find specifically qualified team coaching supervisors with the depth of experience necessary to support the coaches and consultants working in these demanding environments.
An hour with one of our experienced team coaching supervisors is probably one of the best value investments you can make to support your practice. With their specific training and extensive experience, they draw on well-honed skills in critical thinking to inquire across multiple systemic lenses.
They notice what you cannot see from within the problem, to help you identify underlying factors and gain clarity for moving forward.
Need some mentoring alongside team coaching supervision?
With their experience, skills and insights, you’re in the best possible hands with our supervisors. Details of their qualifications and experience are in their profiles, and you can schedule an introductory call with any of them to make sure there’s a good fit for you.