Reading & Research

Topical insights from the T&B blog and others, thought-provoking articles, case studies and research.
Together with our recommendation of the most important books to read on leadership and coaching


Quick reads, only 1-2 minutes max. The blogs available consist of a mixture between Teams & Beyond created content as well as insightful blogs from other thought leaders – designed not only to give you answers but leave you with important questions to consider.

Thought Leadership

Thought leadership articles sourced from various publications, featuring some of today’s top international business leaders, academics, coaches and consultants. These introduce various perspectives and ideas, usually relating to recent events and topical issues.

Research & Case Studies

Our Research & Case Studies page contains specially curated cutting-edge research on relevant issues with big business and industry impact. Dive in and immerse yourself in an hour or so of critical thinking to expand your perspectives and elicit new questions.


Wanting to take your learning further? Each month we review recent books on relevant topics that are worth spending time on and share them with you. We aim to help you generate new insights and innovative ideas, and develop your all-important regular reflective practice.