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Our World in These Times

The Climate Coaching Alliance:
Coaching in the Great Awakening: Free 6-Day Festival of Creativity

Explore and Celebrate Creative Coaching Tools & Techniques

“It’s not a conference. It’s a global festival of soul-enriching, mind exploding experiences. Dialogue with some of the most creative and innovative coaches and psychologists, and with artists, kids, tribal elders, Indigenous and Aboriginal people, and practitioners of ceremony and ritual. We are exploring how coaching as a practice is transforming itself to meet the complex challenges we face and the transitional times we are in.” Josie McLean PhD, co-founder CCA

The Purpose of The Festival

In this 6-day celebration of climate coaching, we’ll share, learn and draw together our collective wisdom to explore coaching through the mother of all transitions: the climate crisis. We’ll be asking:

  • How do we nurture each other and find comfort in the unknown?
  • What creative, artistic, and spiritual practices do we use in our coaching and personal life?
  • What can we share?
  • What are we curious about?
  • How can we work together to shape the world of tomorrow?


This is for Coaches, Psychologists, Wellness Practitioners, Allied Health Providers, Educators, Activists, Scientists, Politicians, Policy makers, Mums and Dads worried about their children’s future. All are welcome.

It doesn’t matter if you’re just beginning, or an expert. Immerse yourself in the transformative power of this gathering, as we share and learn together with over 50 workshops to choose from!


03 March 2022 at 15:00 GMT

Webinar: Climate anxiety & environmental psychology:
coaching in the climate crisis

With phrases such as eco-rage, eco-anxiety, eco-grief, eco-futility, and eco-shame all entering our vocabulary, we must acknowledge our struggle to live with and express our feelings in response to the climate crisis. The human cost is real, and the emotional fall out is still to come.

Join the Academy of Executive Coaching host George Warren and special guests Linda Aspey, Professor Peter Hawkins and Tabitha Jayne as they explore the emotional experiences of climate change work. They will share their lived experiences of working with organisations and individuals and give us their insights into what coaches need to be aware of and prepared for.


“Being Human”

Naima Penniman
In this stunning spoken-word performance, poet and “freedom-forging futurist” Naima Penniman celebrates the wonders of the natural world and humanity’s connection to it. “I wonder if the sun debates dawn some mornings,” she says. This talk was presented at an official TED conference.

Naima Penniman is a multidimensional artist devoted to planetary interdependence. She is the cofounder of Wildseed Healing Village and the program director of Soul Fire Farm.


The Climate Coaching Alliance

What is ours to do?

As coaches, we sit with some powerful leaders, as facilitators we work with organizations and teams that make a difference. Organizations are far more than businesses, they are ecosystems with an enormous impact on individuals, businesses, government, society – and Earth’s life force.

How do we raise awareness and hold a central space for the Earth and our life support systems in our work and profession as coaches and facilitators, mentors and change agents and supervisors? When do we turn to the mirror and ask what are we doing, are we doing all we can, are we exercising our leadership – just as we encourage others to exercise theirs?


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