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On-Demand Learning

Our goal at Teams & Beyond is to help you consistently do your best work with teams and organizations,
positively impacting leadership, business and the world we share.

We make it our business to deliver content relevant to business today –
new thinking and ideas, resources, concepts, techniques, models, and more from around the world.
We package all of this and deliver it to you in one convenient, cohesive membership platform – at no cost to you whatsoever!

As a team coach, leader or consultant, this is your go-to place whenever you have a few minutes to learn something new and different –
which you can take and apply right away to help build high performance teams and enhance leadership skills.

The On-Demand Learning section consists of video and audio options and a variety of other resources for you to access in your own time.
The content changes each month, and you can expect to see interactive webinars, concept videos, podcasts, interviews with high profile experts and leaders in various fields –
also look out for the monthly Noodle and links to interesting talks on platforms like YouTube.

In this constantly changing world, staying up to date with the latest information about team development and optimization is essential.

Each month here on Teams & Beyond we help you extend the breadth of your knowledge by
introducing you to global thought leaders delivering a wide range of topics and
connecting you with a like-minded community of professionals from across the world.

Interactive Webinars

Join us for stimulating and immersive learning experiences led by top international experts

In Conversation With...

Each month we talk to someone who has reached the pinnacle of their career…

Concept Videos

These highly practical learning events take elements of leadership and culture…


Bite-size learning – the essential 5-minute toolkit for busy people…

From the Net

Each month we bring you new links to videos and/or podcasts that fit our teaming theme perfectly…

Interactive Webinars

Join us for stimulating and immersive learning experiences led by top international experts during our Interactive Webinars

Interactive Webinars cover a broad variety of insights and perspectives in the fields of team coaching, team development, psychology, leadership, business and more – guaranteed to get you thinking… No need to fit in with inconvenient time zones – instead you’ll register for your choice of webinar, at a time that suits you!

Although not actually live, the technology behind this dynamic new concept delivers an immersive learning journey to help team coaches, consultants and team leaders actively experience new concepts and gain valuable knowledge and insights to immediately implement.

The experience is highly interactive and engaging; you can participate in polls, post comments, and the Chatbox is always open for you to ask questions and pick the minds of the Host (who will respond to you by email).

In Conversation With...

We speak with an international thought leader in a thought-provoking discussion.

Each guest is an expert who shares their insights on a wide range of topics relevant to leadership learning, team coaching, team development, high performance teams, organizational culture and much more.

During the interviews, you will gain valuable insights as we ask them about their journey to success, their highlights, and the pitfalls from which they gained their best learning.

With so much to talk about and learn with only half an hour to fit it in, we think you may find yourself listening to the recording more than once to make sure you haven’t missed anything!

High Performance Teams and team coaching

Concept Videos

Given the nature of business today, we have a lot to cover!
Our intention is to help you navigate seemingly complex topics and discover the ‘simplexity’ that exists on the other side.

High Performance Teams and team coaching

We take one or more challenging topics related to leadership and team impact and unpack these for you in a way that helps demystify the issue, bringing clarity to how and when you can apply them to co-create more effective results with the teams you work with.

We provide clear, practical principles with actionable guidelines and options for variations on the theme, that you can immediately integrate into your work with confidence.


Our Noodles are bite-sized animation explainers of the most important things you need to know about working relationships, performance, and influence
– explanations about human behavior that you will want to share with others.

These concepts are presented ultrafast for greater impact and connection when interacting with others and when working in high performance teams. It’s the essential 5-minute toolkit for busy team coaching professionals! 

Each month we bring to you one Noodle, courtesy of Maxine Gooding and Kate Wood, creators of the Accidental Manager. The Noodle changes monthly and past Noodles are not stored in our archive. However, you can access the Noodle (and many others) by registering with Accidental Manager.

From the Net

Allow us to do the hard work of sourcing links to topical research, videos and/or podcasts and articles, on the topics of team coaching, team development, high performance teams, organizational culture and more.

While these resources are freely available on the internet, our intention is to save you time and help you be more learning efficient by sourcing and delivering all of this to you in one place. This way, you have more time for your learning, and, most importantly, for your clients.

The resources provided will support your team coaching and culture change work to develop resilient teams within a future-fit organizational culture.

Open and enjoy!