On-Demand Learning

A variety of pre-recorded learning options to access in your own time, including ‘How To…’ concept videos, micro-learning journeys, podcasts and recorded interviews with top experts and business leaders.

The thought leaders we speak to each month come from a wide range of backgrounds. They may currently be leading a company, be a well-known author, an influencer or involved in a major research study. Each month we talk to someone who has reached the pinnacle of their career. We ask them about their journey to success, their highlights and the pitfalls from which they gained their best learning. They tell us from experience what has worked in their context, how they have been able to rally the support of others towards their achievements and give us their advice and suggestions. We learn about their plans for the future and what we should look out for.
With so much to talk about and only half an hour to fit it in, we think you may find yourself listening to the recording more than once to make sure you haven’t missed anything! 
Included in Premium Membership. Basic Members can also upgrade their subscription to access this and archive content.
These highly practical learning events take elements of leadership and culture and break them down into a series of learning events that anyone can find time to engage in. They are easy to fit in between meetings, over breakfast or while commuting.
Each themed journey consists of between 5 and 8 short videos of 8-12 minutes each. Each short video covers a couple of key concepts related to the theme, with questions to consider. Actions and activities to complete before progressing on to the next one quickly integrates new learning. Micro-Learning Journeys make learning fast, relevant and it sticks!
Included in Premium Membership. Basic Members can also upgrade their subscription to access this and archive content.
Noodles are bite-sized animations of the most important things you need to know about working relationships, performance and influence – explanations about human behaviour that you’ll want to share with others. Ultrafast concepts for greater impact and connection when interacting with others and working in teams. It’s the essential 5-minute toolkit for busy people!
Each month we bring you one Noodle, courtesy of Maxine Gooding and Kate Wood, creators of the Accidental Manager. It’s available for one month only, each month the Noodle changes and these are not stored in our archive.  However, you can access the Noodle (and many others) by registering with Accidental Manager.
Included for all Members.
Each month we bring you links to videos and/or podcasts that fit our teaming theme perfectly. These are freely available on the internet – we’ve just done the hard work of finding them for you, so you don’t have to spend your not-so-freely-available time searching!

Included for All Members