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What is it about?

With more and more companies focused on remote work and distributed teams, Go Remote has built a virtual team building solution with the future of work in mind.

Now more than ever, it is crucial to engage distributed employees with team-building opportunities. With Go Remote’s affordability and seamless launch times, you can set a better culture for your workplace from anywhere in the world and keep employees connected with a scalable, repeatable solution.

Games takes only 45-60 minutes and players will be guided through a variety of game types to keep the energy moving and provides an opportunity for everyone to shine. During the game the Go Game host DJ music, points out highlights and provides topical commentary. The results are side-splitting and engaging as players can vote on everyone’s submissions to determine the final outcome.

Games include the Buzz In Pub Trivia, Giphy Challenge, Pictionary Drawing, Head-to-Head Social Games, Lipdub and Fun Fact Match. All you need is a solid WiFi connection, webcam and headphones to start to play!

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