Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging


Most companies embrace empowering difference and so they seek to create a diverse workforce. If Diversity is the end goal of an organisation they will not succeed. This is a suboptimal goal. The end goal is about employees that are productive, engaged, committed and happy.

What they should be trying to achieve is inclusion and belonging where people feel valued and know how to utilise their differences in a practical way in their day to day environment. So, when the modality of engagement around Diversity is based on interventions rather than ongoing process or on issues to be resolved rather than, it gives rise to fear, anxiety, defences and therefore avoidance.

This learning offers a generative approach around diversity, where there is a real business case for Diversity. Its about the possibilities that can open up when all members of the organisation are given the platform to offer is their diversity of thoughts, experiences, ideas and ways of doing things. Its about how we come at Diversity that either enables or disables, moves us forward or keeps us stuck. This series focuses on helping organisations to inculcate the optimisation of difference into their way of being.

Your Host – Lauren Cohen

Lauren is an Industrial Psychologist with over a decade experience in the fields of Organisational Development, Executive Coaching, Facilitation and Training. She has worked in both Public and Private Sectors, with much of her experience within the financial industry.

Lauren assists organizations to effectively create an environment that helps enable successful leadership, diversity, belonging and inclusion, change resilience and high performing teams. Her core focus is in facilitating team processes that enhance the health, effectiveness, and sustainability of the organisation and its ability to respond with agility to the current volatile environment.

She has facilitated numerous diversity and inclusion dialogues with diverse groups and teams as they explore, understand and work with the lived experiences within various corporate entities. These typically incorporate a combination of theoretical and practical tools to enable deeper understanding around working with many forms of ‘difference’. Lauren also works on gender programmes as an Integral co-designer, trainer, facilitator and coach.

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