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Workshops & Teambuilding


    Looking for new ideas? WorkshopBank has a wealth of resources that are ready-to-use and proven to raise team performance and get excellent results.

    From Team Activities for 20 people or less, Group Activities for 20-50 people and Conference Activities for upwards of 50 people – ranging from short and snappy to a couple of hours long – this is one resource you cannot do without!

    Go Game

      With more and more companies focused on remote work and distributed teams, Go Remote has built a virtual team building solution with the future of work in mind.

      Now more than ever, it is crucial to engage distributed employees with team-building opportunities. With Go Remote’s affordability and seamless launch times, you can set a better culture for your workplace from anywhere in the world and keep employees connected with a scalable, repeatable solution.

      Water Cooler Trivia

        Weekly trivia quizzes in the form of 10 hand-written questions are sent to team members via email or Slack from Water Cooler Trivia. Team members can submit their answers at any time throughout the day. Guessing and misspelling is absolutely okay for in this low-stakes, low maintenance fun activity.

        Let’s Roam

          Let’s Roam developed game-changing technology to help you connect with your employees from anywhere in the world. They combine a custom video conferencing interface with a big dose of fun to ensure that spirits are sky-high company-wide.