Thought Leadership

How to Reimagine Our Civilization 0 (0)

Dr Otto Scharmer is a Senior Lecturer in the MIT Management Sloan School and co-founder of the Presencing Institute. He delivered this brilliant keynote at IEC 2020 Online, applying Theory U to Covid 19, Climate Change and the evolution of consciousness, after which he led an open sharing round with over 300 participants.

Team coaching virtual teams 0 (0)

Virtual teams have a number of differences compared with co-located teams. In this useful article, David Clutterbuck explores the upsides and downsides of remote team membership and provides some tips for preparing a virtual team for coaching and managing team coaching sessions.

We should take humour in the workplace more seriously 0 (0)

“Humour is a workplace essential” says Christine Laurens… “numerous studies have shown that, far from wasting time and destroying productivity, humour also makes good business sense…For a start, it encourages us to collaborate, provides motivation and can help prevent burnout.