Smells like Team Spirit… 0 (0)

To operate effectively within any group, organization, business, corporation, etc. requires specific social, relational, and communication skills. These are the skills that enable us to succeed in getting along with others – a key component of leadership, management and entrepreneurship. When we get along well with others, we create and invite a spirit of camaraderie and team spirit.

How Coaching helps Diversity and Inclusion 0 (0)

Many companies around the world have robust programs that aim at promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace. However, unless such programs go deeper than creating awareness, there won’t be real progress. If the topic is important for you, maybe there are things you can do to tackle the core issues, as well…

Jazzing Up Your Team 0 (0)

Chris Smith is not a jazz musician so all that he says is based on observation, but he has had the joy of watching and listening to talented jazz musicians for many years. His favourite club is the Verdict in Brighton, where they managed to keep things going through a lock down UK summer with jazz in the park, playing against the richly painted wall of the club…

How do we focus on the future and deliver today? 0 (0)

The 14th of October marked the first Focus Group meeting on Teams & Beyond. Danny Tuckwood, Co-founder and Director of Teams & Beyond, facilitated the discussion with participants. As a co-creative process, the aim was to generate new thinking from the various perspectives and insights emerging from the group.