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Toolbox Archive

10-Minute Ladder for Decision-Making

    This is a simple yet effective exercise to do with teams when an important decision needs to be made collectively, but they either have not had time to give it the attention it deserves, or where there are conflicting opinions about what the best decision is.
    The Ladder Rule helps them climb, one rung at a time, to a resolution.

    Sculpting With Teams

      Sculpting is a useful approach for experientially exploring the underlying dynamics of teams. This month we look at two ways in which team coaches can use sculpting as a powerful activity with their team coaching clients.

      The Immunity to Change Model

        The Immunity to Change Model can be used in many contexts to assist individuals, teams, and organisations understand why they are not achieving what they set out to do

        The Relationship Triangle

          The Relationship Triangle is a useful framework to help guide a team discussion or collective build activity around the importance of building stakeholder relationships.

          Expectations Exchange

            A team exercise that helps clarify roles and accountability, and how team members agree to work with each other.

            Prioritization Matrix

              This collaborative prioritization tool that helps teams to compare the relative merits of alternative actions visually. It is an extremely powerful activity which combines brainstorming, team alignment and action planning.

              The Team Evolution Curve

                The Team Evolution Curve is an ideal activity to open up a discussion with the team about where they are now and what they need to do to evolve. It provides a useful platform for the team to plot their place on the curve at this point, discuss what keeps them there, and then decide what they have the potential to become, and what to concentrate on to move them to this place.

                Building Trust and Connection

                  The following activities are three variations of the same theme with the objective being to foster a culture of trust in the team, to build connections between team members, and to enable them to give and receive honest feedback in a safe, constructive and generative way.

                  Force Field Analysis

                    The Force Field Analysis is a great tool for enabling teams to appreciate the bigger picture, identify and overcome obstacles for achieving it, and to develop a plan that significantly increases the likelihood of a successful outcome.