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What Is the Group Coaching Model?

    … how do you help more people improve their relationships, health, and work stress, and still ensure your financial security as a coach without working unsustainable hours

    5 Things High-Performing Teams Do Differently

      New research suggests that the highest-performing teams have found subtle ways of leveraging social connections during the pandemic to fuel their success. The findings offer important clues on ways any organization can foster greater connectedness — even within a remote or hybrid work setting — to engineer higher-performing teams.

      Book of the Month – January 2022

        Leadership Team Coaching provides a comprehensive roadmap for team coaching, explaining all the key elements alongside practical tools and techniques for developing international and virtual teams, executive and non-executive boards and project and account teams in all types of organizations.

        Virtual Teams – Myths and Realities

          With an aim to leverage on the global talent, virtual teams are becoming the norm for team work in most of organizations. But there are certain myths that cloud the mindset of the managers/leaders of these virtual teams which does not allow them to utilize their full potential.

          10-Minute Ladder for Decision-Making

            This is a simple yet effective exercise to do with teams when an important decision needs to be made collectively, but they either have not had time to give it the attention it deserves, or where there are conflicting opinions about what the best decision is.
            The Ladder Rule helps them climb, one rung at a time, to a resolution.

            Different Types of Virtual Teams

              Many organizations turn to virtual teams to reduce operational costs, faster problem solving and innovate. Depending on the temporal distribution, lifespan, objective and role of members, virtual teams can be classified into the following 8 categories. This article looks at each type of virtual team in greater details. Examples are provided wherever possible to aid a faster understanding.