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About Us

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Starting With the ‘Why’?…

Teams & Beyond was created to be a platform for shared connection, value creation and prosperity – a concept that has a positive impact on leadership, business and the world we share.

Using the principles of abundance as a foundation, Teams & Beyond has grown into a world-class community that does good by all of its multiple stakeholders – a perfect synergy with EMCC Global values and guiding principles.

Our Background…

Teams & Beyond was co-founded by Barbara Walsh and Danny Tuckwood. Both are EMCC Global-accredited professionals and members and both have a long history of leadership, having held senior positions in multinational organizations and subsequently run their own businesses. They have worked globally with executives and leadership teams across a range of organisations and industries, with a specific focus on systemic team performance and strategic culture optimization.

As Lead Faculty for the Systemic Team Coaching® programs and Core Faculty of the EMCC Global-accredited Global Team Coaching Institute, Barbara and Danny train and supervise professional external and internal team coaches and OD/HR consultants as well as business leaders who share a passion for developing high value-creating teams and organisations.

The Context...

The crucial importance of teams and teaming is rapidly gaining ground in business around the world. Team coaching is now recognized as a distinct field of coaching, and good team coaches are in demand. OD and HR professionals find themselves working as much with teams as with their leaders. Leaders are expected to be able to coach and develop their teams.

EMCC Global was the first to launch standards and accreditation for providers of team coaching training – accredited providers are awarded an EMCC Global Team Coaching Quality Award (TCQA) while graduates of accredited programmes and/or who can show the necessary experience and learning in team coaching are eligible to be recommended for an EMCC Global Individual Team Coaching Accreditation (ITCA) Professional Designation.

Increasingly we find that the expertise, knowledge and skills that previously worked so well are becoming decreasingly relevant in today’s world – let alone fit for tomorrow’s shifting landscape. This presents a significant challenge to all those tasked with helping teams and organizations make the necessary changes to shift successfully into their future.

New thinking and approaches are needed.

The EMCC Global Provider Summit – GPS – Network, now well established, helps position Teams and Beyond within the ground-breaking EMCC Global Accreditation Innovation Hubs and GPS Dialogue Series to secure insights into innovation. Also to create opportunities for ‘leading voices’ to inspire accredited practice and learning transformation  

Learn and collaborate with Teams & Beyond…

If we are not learning faster than the environment out there is changing, we will soon become irrelevant. Not only is it important to keep updated as new information becomes available, equally important is to be a part of co-creating the emergent new learning needed for tomorrow’s world amid the turbulence of today.

As no one person has all the answers, this requires collaborative inquiry and generative thinking. Teams & Beyond is an EMCC Global platform for accredited leaders and aspiring leaders to learn together.  Through the promotion of professional dialogue and reflective practice, we also recognise, respect and celebrate prior learning and experience

Introducing a wide range of value-creating perspectives, approaches, models and contexts means our thinking is consistently challenged with a variety of new ideas and concepts. EMCC Global explores and shares, for example, advances in digital technology to transform team coaching education and training concepts, systems and delivery. We are prioritising and supporting the growth in organisations benchmarking accredited practice supported by team coaching, to meet strategic priorities, including leadership development and executive education programmes.

We learn from the experience and insights of others, participating in co-creative new thinking with some of the best minds in the world.

Convenient, practical and manageable for even the busiest professionals, Teams & Beyond is your go-to place to stay relevant, leading-edge and inspired.

Teams & Beyond is solely dedicated to advancing the practice and development of team coaches. Via the NEW positioning within the EMCC Global network – a catalyst for pedagogical and andragogical dynamic inquiry and reflective practice, organisational leaders across all business, education, voluntary and non profit sectors will be in a strong position to support team coaching accredited programme design, delivery, monitoring and evaluation.

About EMCC Global

EMCC Global, as a leading Professional Body for Mentoring, Coaching and Supervision, active in more than 140 countries across the world, exists to develop, promote, and set the expectation of best practice in mentoring, coaching, and supervision globally for the benefit of society.

EMCC Global Council has the responsibility to celebrate and regulate practice and promote professionalism for all its members.

EMCC Global is very proud to be a trusted partner of some of the most prestigious providers of coaching, mentoring, team Coaching, programme management and supervision education and training and post graduate study; and organisational executive leaders and their teams, who have established distinguished and ‘world renowned’ coach, mentor, team coach, programme management and supervision programmes.