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In Conversation With

Colm Murphy


This month Barbara is In Conversation with Colm Murphy who joins her from Dublin in Ireland.

Colm is a well-known personality in the field of Team Coaching globally, and he has recently co-edited the brand new ‘Team Coaching Casebook’, launched in January, which is featured as our Book of the Month on Teams and Beyond.

Barbara wanted to find out more about Colm’s experiences in bringing this book to us – a team effort on its own with three co-editors and 33 contributors! She also wanted to chat about some of the highlights contained between its covers, especially as the case studies talk to what went wrong as well as the successes with the voices of the teams concerned telling of their experience.

Colm speaks to Barbara about the range of coaching methodologies showcased, and the inherent messiness of team coaching. They discuss why team coaching requires a flexible mix of structure and adaptability and the different relationships that need to be taken into consideration – especially where a pair of team coaches works with a team. They speak about stakeholders and the importance of bringing them into the process – even if the team is reluctant.

As he is currently finishing his doctoral research on the effectiveness of team coaching, Colm shares some of his research and learning with us, with examples from his own work.

Great insights for team coaches at all levels!

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About Colm

With over 20 years of experience in designing and delivering coaching, team coaching, learning and leadership development programs, Colm Murphy has a particular interest in team dynamics

As an academic, he is the Head of Coaching Programs at the University College Dublin Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School, a faculty member of the Global Team Coaching Institute, and the Global Workstream Lead on Team Coaching accreditation for EMCC Global. He is currently completing his doctoral research on the contribution of team coaching to team effectiveness.

As a leader, Colm previously worked as a Director in Symantec Corporation, responsible for global executive development and as Head of Learning in Deloitte, Ireland, before founding his own coaching company in 2008.

He is an accredited Master Executive Coach, Team Coach and Action Learning Facilitator. In addition, he has trained with Bill Torbert on Äction Logics and Ruth Wageman on Team Effectiveness and is certified in the delivery of many psychometric and diagnostic tools. He works with teams across the public and private sectors, including globally dispersed teams, leadership teams of public quoted Langa, and project teams.

As a writer, Colm has contributed chapters to ‘The Practitioner’s Handbook of Team Coaching’ (Routledge 2019) and to ‘Mastering Executive Coaching’ (Routledge 2019). In addition, he has recently co-edited the new ‘Team Coaching Casebook’ (Open University Press 2022), which is featured as our Book of the Month on Teams and Beyond.

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