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In Conversation With

Professor Peter Hawkins


Who better to be In Conversation With at the start of this new year, than Professor Peter Hawkins?!

We’re taking a look at the how team coaching is dynamically evolving in response to changing dynamics and business needs and considering what this means for team coaching, including the top challenges for team coaches in 2022.

We cover topics such as:

  • The development of enterprise-wide team coaching; the three keys to organizational success, and how team coaches and the team can simultaneously learn, team and partner together
  • The Eco-Awareness Cycle; reframing our response to climate change from problem to resource, including the natural world into every conversation and how to let the ecology do the coaching
  • Why buzzwords from the past decade like ‘high-performing team’ and ‘mission statement’ are no longer relevant, and what to focus on instead
  • Decolonizing, deindividualizing and dehumanizing team coaching…

and much more in this must-watch episode!

Join Peter Hawkins and Barbara Walsh for this fast-moving Conversation, and ensure you’re prepared for what we can expect (and what is expected of us) as team coaches this year!


About Peter

Professor Peter Hawkins is a leading author, consultant and researcher in Leadership, Strategy, Culture change and Organisational learning. He runs trainings in Systemic Team Coaching around the world.

He has consulted to many leading global businesses, including IBM, PwC, HSBC, BBC, B.Ae, DWP, Capespan, Canon, Deloitte, British Land.

He is editor of the newly published “Systemic Coaching: Delivering Value Beyond the Individual” with Eve Turner published by Routledge; as well as the best selling “Leadership Team Coaching”; and “Leadership Team Coaching in Practice” (both from Kogan Page) as well as author of “Creating a Coaching Culture” (McGraw Hill) as well as ” and “The Wise Fool’s Guide to Leadership”. He is co- author with Nick Smith of “Coaching, Mentoring and Organizational Consultancy: Supervision and Development” and with Judy Ryde “Integrative Psychotherapy in Theory and Practice.” published by Jessica Kingsley.

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