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Thought Leadership

By Brad Haudan (from Root)

…With literally thousands, if not millions, of decisions under your belt, you probably feel you have a solid mastery in the decision-making department. But I’m pretty sure you’re not as adept at this as you think. If you do want to improve your decision-making skills, it’s more easily said than done.

As a matter a fact, we find that 90 percent of teams that want to elevate their performance and take their “team game” to the next level focus on improving their team decision-making. However, it is still true that you can have a group of people with individual IQs of 160 that has a collective team IQ of 22!

A good explanation for this sub-optimization of team performance is that individual members put their own agendas ahead of the team’s agenda. The second-biggest contributor is the inability to think, learn, and make decisions as a team.

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