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Dr Hilary Lines


Join Barbara Walsh in conversation with Dr Hilary Lines, who is widely recognised for her huge contribution towards the growth of Systemic Team Coaching, and team coaching generally!

With insights that come from her many years of experience, and her huge depth of multi-faceted team coaching experience, join us as Hilary shares some of her wisdom with us on Teams & Beyond!


About Hilary

Hilary Lines is one of the coaching pioneers – with 40-odd years of experience, she started coaching before it was recognized as a profession! As an executive coach and consultant, she works with senior executives and their teams to release their creativity, resourcefulness and resilience, and thus transform their individual and collective leadership.

Around 10 years ago, when Peter Hawkins and John Leary-Joyce launched the first ever Systemic Team Coaching programmes, Hilary contributed towards the design, and since then has been core faculty on the Master Practitioner Diploma programmes. Fast forward to 2020, and she is once again at the forefront of team coach development, with the launch of the Global Team Coaching Institute programmes.

Hilary holds a PhD in Industrial & Organizational Psychology from King’s College London. She is the co-author of ‘Touchpoint Leadership: Creating collaborative energy across teams and organizations‘. A great book for team coaches, ‘Touchpoint’ describes Hilary’s approach to Systemic Leadership and Coaching, with many useful case study stories.

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