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Book of the Month

Touchpoint Leadership: Creating Collaborative Energy across Teams and Organizations

by Hilary Lines and Jacqui Scholes-Rhodes

The early 21st century has witnessed an erosion of trust in business leaders – in their capacity to deliver sustained growth and in the integrity which underpins their decisions.

In responding to these challenges, Touchpoint Leadership puts forward a new leadership paradigm, asserting that relationships are the primary asset of a business. Drawing on a diverse array of case stories from their coaching work, the authors demonstrate how successful leaders apply touch point principles to building critical business relationships – between individuals, teams and business entities – with significant results.

For leaders, they provide a developmental framework through which to scrutinise their own leadership, inject it with new life and meaning and release the energy and creativity necessary for collective learning and growth.

For team coaches, they provide real life examples of the kinds of situations you are likely to face in your work, with helpful ideas for how you can add value in-the-moment.

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