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Photo by Dylan Gillis on Unsplash

By Gillian Graves

There has been a surge of interest in team coaching in recent years, however understanding of the process, based on the first-person perspective of team coaches, is lacking.  This qualitative study was conducted using heuristic inquiry methodology, enhanced by the inclusion of focus groups.  This process enabled shared learning, expanded thinking and knowledge development amongst the co-researchers over an eleven-month period.

The study sheds light on the emergent practice of team coaching from the team coach’s perspective. The findings challenge concepts in the existing literature, add to existing knowledge as well as opening up new areas for debate.  The findings have considerable potential to inform practice, and the coaching profession, by providing insight and a practical resource in the form of the PiE Team Coaching Model® and accompanying framework.  These resources detail universal elements, as well as typical variations, for team coaches to consider in their practice.

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