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Coaching Systemically: Five Ways of Thinking About Systems

Paul Lawrence

The challenges brought by today’s complex, dynamic, ever-changing world demand that we are able to think differently.

We’re consistently being exhorted to think more ‘systemically’, but what does that mean? This book outlines five different ways of thinking systemically and explores how these different ways of thinking show up in the behaviours of leaders, coaches and anyone else working in the field of leadership development.

Structured around five different ways of thinking about systems, this book provides an accessible and clear description of the key theories of systemic coaching and how they can be applied to coaching practice.

Readers are invited to consider each of the five different ways of thinking through the lens of philosophy, purpose and practice: Which theories most resonate for you? How do these systemic perspectives shape your purpose for coaching, and how do they show up in the way that you coach? With examples and case material throughout, Coaching Systemically aligns coaching with the realities and challenges of organisations operating in an ever more complex world.

The book will leave you with a clearer understanding of what it truly means to coach ‘systemically’ and new ideas as to how they can translate insights into practice. Systemically will be key reading for coaches in practice and in training, consultants and Coaching anyone interesting in systemic approaches.

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