Our World in These Times

What on Earth is the Doughnut?

Humanity’s 21st century challenge is to meet the needs of all within the means of the planet.

In other words, to ensure that no one falls short on life’s essentials (from food and housing to healthcare and political voice), while ensuring that collectively we do not overshoot our pressure on Earth’s life-supporting systems, on which we fundamentally depend – such as a stable climate, fertile soils, and a protective ozone layer.

The Doughnut of social and planetary boundaries is a playfully serious approach to framing that challenge, and it acts as a compass for human progress this century.


The Global Just Recovery Gathering

April 9-11, 2021

People around the world are coming together to collectively reimagine our future and you’re invited to join in!

The Global Just Recovery Gathering is a three-day online event featuring interactive workshops, cultural sessions, and hands-on trainings. Build your skills, strengthen relationships, and hear from a powerful line-up of climate leaders, artists, and musicians in every corner of the world. Join in designing a new path towards a better future for all. Now is the time for the climate movement to reconnect!

Choices are being made right now that will shape our society for years and decades to come.

A Just Recovery from the pandemic that simultaneously tackles the climate crisis is essential. What ideas do we have, what opportunities do we see in the horizon, what can we learn — and how can we collaborate with one another?

During the Global Just Recovery Gathering, there will be:

Exciting panels featuring incredible activists and thought leaders from around the world.

A diversity of workshops on a variety of climate campaigning skills and topics.

Movement Stories
Space dedicated for people to network and share their experiences and stories.

Sing and Create
Cultural sessions hosted throughout the Gathering where artists and musicians around the world will be sharing and engaging participants to create their own art.

The Climate Coaching Alliance

The Climate Coaching Alliance (CCA) was set up in late 2019 to bring together coaches, coaching psychologists, and coaching supervisors, facilitators and other leadership professionals in order to cocreate a space to share resources, explore practice, and hold dialogue. The CCA aims to enable individual practitioners, and the profession of coaching to develop strategies and practices that provide our clients (individuals, leaders and their teams) the right space to step into their necessary leadership role in the face of the climate emergency. It is free to join, and makes resources accessible to practitioners to encourage discussion, engagement and confidence and to be an enabling, learning space.

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