BEING More Powerful – Moving from Control to Liberation

This event has now taken place


In this highly interactive workshop Josie will lead an exploration into the hidden and often subtle structures of control that inhibit the liberation of each person’s creativity in their work. These structures take different forms and when removed will help you shift into becoming truly innovative and adaptive – and have a framework for helping others do likewise. The workshop draws on insights from complexity (living systems), and the concepts can be applied in the contexts of individuals, teams and organizations.

You’ll get to understand how the mechanistic paradigm of control is subtly and not so subtly embedded within each of us, and within traditional organisational life.

You’ll gain some skills to identify different manifestations of this control to help your clients and teams recognise it too as well as a better understanding of how influence can be more powerful than control in getting things done and leading change.

We’re looking forward to seeing you at this a fun and interactive learning event!

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