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Acknowledging Privilege; A key to effective diversity and inclusion in teams



Sensitivity to issues of diversity and inclusion have never been more prevalent.

Examining how privilege manifests in today’s culturally-diverse world, this Masterclass looks at the concept of whiteness, how white people understand cultural differences, and how this affects everyday interactions.

Relevant to participants from all cultural backgrounds, this Masterclass led by Professor Peter Hawkins and Dr Judy Ryde provides a valuable opportunity to better understand what white privilege actually means and how even well-meaning white people may unconsciously project bias in their everyday lives. They introduce the White Awareness cycle as a useful developmental tool.

Finally, we apply the learning to the context of team coaching, both in our own being as a team coach, and the work we do with teams.

They will focus on 

  • What is privilege?
  • What are your privileges?
  • The White Awareness cycle
  • Three stages of diversity and inclusion
  • How you use these in team coaching


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Your Hosts – Dr. Judy Ryde

Judy Ryde, PhD, is a co-founder of The Bath Centre for Psychotherapy and Counselling (BCPC) and The Centre for Supervision, Training and Development. She is a UKCP accredited psychotherapist and works as a psychotherapist, supervisor and trainer. She is the director and supervisor of Trauma Foundation South West which provides counselling and psychotherapy for refugees and asylum seekers. Her doctoral research was into ‘whiteness’ within psychotherapy and psychotherapy organizations at The University of Bath.

Her first book, ‘Being White in the Helping Professions’ was published in 2009 and her subsequent book ‘White Privilege Unmasked: How to be part of the solution’ was published in April 2019. She is co-author with Peter Hawkins of the book ‘Integrative Psychotherapy in Theory and Practice: a Relational, Systemic and Ecological Approach’ which was published in October 2019.

Your Hosts – Professor Peter Hawkins

Professor Peter Hawkins is a leading consultant, coach, writer and researcher in organisational strategy, leadership, culture change and team and board development and Company chairman. He has worked with many leading organisations all over the world including Europe, Middle East, South Africa, America and the Far East coaching Executive Teams and Boards and facilitating major change and organisational transformation projects. He has coached a number of boards and senior executive teams, enabling them to develop their vision, values, collective leadership and strategy for the future, in a wide range of large and small commercial companies, government departments, professional organisations and charities.

He is editor of the newly published “Systemic Coaching: Delivering Value Beyond the Individual” with Eve Turner published by Routledge; as well as the best-selling “Leadership Team Coaching”; and “Leadership Team Coaching in Practice”, “Creating a Coaching Culture” and “The Wise Fool’s Guide to Leadership”. He is co- author with Nick Smith of “Coaching, Mentoring and Organizational Consultancy: Supervision and Development” and with Judy Ryde “Integrative Psychotherapy in Theory and Practice.”

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