In conversation with: Paul Gibbons


As a well-known author of several best-selling books on the topics of leadership and culture, Paul Gibbons has a way of turning conventional thinking on it’s head and presenting provocative new ways of looking at the challenges in these environments, that are both futuristic and grounded in scientific evidence.

Although his biography includes extensive experience in both the top consultancy and academic worlds, Paul has reservations about the value that MBA-type programs and typical large consultancies deliver, and as he explains his reasons for this, the value that bespoke consultancies can bring to senior leadership effectiveness becomes apparent.

Way ahead of its time, Paul founded Future Considerations to fill this gap in the market. Paul tells us about their rapid growth and some of the more unusual executive development programs they delivered for global clients.

Although the 2nd edition of his highly-acclaimed book, The Science of Organizational Change was published in 2019, before any indication of the extent of disruption that lay ahead, it speaks strongly to today’s world. The book is packed with important insights that any senior leaders – and equally the coaches working with them – will find (often uncomfortably) essential to consider in their work. We unpack a few of these.

Paul’s latest book, The Spirituality of Work and Leadership: Finding Meaning, Joy and Purpose in What you Do is a fascinating integration of history, science, academia, current reality and futurism in presenting a modern-day case for introducing more meaning and purpose to the workplace. Although only released a few weeks ago, it’s already gaining excellent ratings.

We complete our conversation with some sage advice from Paul for us to consider!

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