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An invitation from Prof. David Clutterbuck, Dr Lise Lewis and Tim Bright

All organizations are political environments. Politics is present in all the major processes, including resource allocation, succession planning and equal opportunities. Yet being political is often regarded as a negative trait, associated with lack of authenticity, unethical behaviour and sociopathy.

As part of their commitment to research in coaching, mentoring & supervision David, Lise and Tim are collaborating to further explore the range of issues that emerge from organisational politics. This will contribute towards articles and a book they are writing on the subject. 

The aim of their research is to gather experiences from coaches, mentors, leaders and supervisors about:

  • The range of issues they consider to be “political”
  • How they view the challenges in working with organisational politics
  • Practical approaches for maintaining integrity

This is your invitation to participate in a survey which should take no more than 15 minutes of your time. You can complete the survey anonymously and no identifiable data will be used when they analyse and share the results. You are welcome to share this opportunity with others you think would like to express views on this topic.

Please complete the survey that best relates to you by clicking on one of these links:

If you’re a Leader:

If you’re a Coach or Mentor:

If you’re a Coach Supervisor:

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