Micro Learning

Are You Listening?


Working with teams requires a step-change in your listening skills.

This doesn’t mean you have to forget or abandon your previous experience – just that the art of listening takes on new dimensions when we are not in a ‘simple’ one-to-one engagement.

In this series, we begin to expand on the core communication skill of listening and provide opportunities to become aware of what is happening intrinsically – using yourself as a listening instrument – as well using your cognitive awareness to add value in team conversations.

About Danny

Originating from the UK, Danny has an extensive background in the international corporate world and have also developed a number of entrepreneurial business ventures. This has given him a sound understanding of what it takes to succeed in times of rapidly changing and often volatile business environments.

Together with several practitioner coaching qualifications, he has over 10000 hours of recorded coaching experience and holds an MSc in Coaching & Behavioural Change from Henley Business School. He is registered with the SA Board of People Practitioners as a Master HR Professional: Learning and Development, and is a qualified coach supervisor.

He is also a qualified coach trainer (including the training and development of accredited internal coaches within organisations) and is part of the international faculty on Systemic Team Coaching Certificate and Diploma programmes.

He is supervised and mentored by Professor Peter Hawkins (Professor of Leadership at Henley Business School and author of several best-selling books on the topics of leadership, coaching and culture change) and regularly attends programmes and conferences with international leaders in the fields of coaching and leadership to ensure that his practice is informed by the latest opinions and developments. 

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