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Book of the Month

7 Lenses:
Learning the Principles and Practices of Ethical Leadership

by Linda Fisher Thornton

We selected 7 Lenses as our January Book of the month for its relevance in today’s world, where transparency is crucial and developing a culture of systemic trust across the entire business interface is an important success strategy.

7 Lenses paints a clear picture of what leaders need to consider in order to have conversations that are both best for their organizations and right for society. The examples, graphics, cases and questions provided offer a framework for deeply engaging constituents and building trust for the long term.

7 Lenses has an important purpose – to provide a clear, actionable road map for leading ethically in a complex world. Endorsed by some of the top names in leadership, this book takes us beyond the triple bottom line to 7 different perspectives on ethical leadership with 14 Guiding Principles to help keep them top of in daily leadership.

It addresses the questions:

  • Why do many ethics experts disagree about what ethical leadership means?
  • What is the bigger picture that we should use as our leadership road map?
  • What are the business benefits of intentionally using high-level ethical leadership?
  • What can we do to be prepared for the future of ethical leadership?

7 Lenses delivers a practical, easy-to-follow framework that will be invaluable to help executives grappling with the paradoxical complexities of business within the shifting sands of today’s world to have meaningful conversations and make better choices.

It is an equally important resource for the coaches and consultants who work with these senior leaders and their leadership teams.

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