A platform designed to help you enable thriving, connected, future-fit teams.

Teams & Beyond supports team coaches, OD and change consultants and team leaders with cutting edge resources, easy-to-access curated learning and access to the best experts and thinking in today’s world.

Our global network shares world renowned strategies to help you enable connected, value creating teams at all levels.


What We Offer

Thriving in this emergent world demands new knowledge and skills, relevant approaches and different ideas.

Teams and Beyond contains all the resources you need to help the teams you work with achieve their most important outcomes.

On-Demand Learning

A variety of pre-recorded learning options to access in your own time, including ‘How To…’ concept videos, micro-learning journeys, podcasts, and recorded interviews with top experts and business leaders.
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Reading & Research

Topical insights from the T&B blog and other materials. Thought-provoking articles, case studies and research. Recommended books and monthly summaries of the most important books on leadership and coaching.
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Everyone who has a role in team development needs ideas for practical ways of helping teams learn, grow and develop. This essential kit for expanding team learning has various options, including assessments and activities to do with teams.
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Where great minds and ideas come together to generate learning and co-create new thinking

Gain access to a wealth of ideas, resources and tools in one place. Join our network of like minded individuals and world renowned professionals to discover cutting edge strategies to help you enable the best from the teams you work with



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Catalytical Interventions

Power Hour PLUS

John Leary-Joyce
Contracting: Prevent Problems by Starting Well

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